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We are the Nelson Family, est. March 30, 1996. After meeting on a blind date, it was love at 4th or 5th sight and the rest is history! We married 3 years later, moved to Atlanta for 2 years, moved to Tampa for 7 years (where we started our family) and then settled in Auburn.

We are a family of 4, Brett will be 11 in May and Jared is 9 1/2 plus a black lab named Bella and an orange tabby named Peyton.

We love our family, we love to live life, we love to travel, and most importantly, we love God. That's just a little about us...we hope you enjoy our blog.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

So, today started off great - I made it out the door to take the kids to school and my hair was even rolled! Fabulous, well-organinzed start. And it needed to be because I have a jammed-packed day. After dropping the kids at school, I came back, made a bacon-cheese grits casserole for bible study this morning, did some work for Drew, then out the door, hot casserole in hand, to run a few errands before bible study. Since I missed last week due to being at mom's, I am "hungry" to get back in study with my sweet lady friends. And equally looking forward to lunch afterwards with Melissa to discuss the Lakeview Ladies' Roadtrip that I'm decorating. Which that would then lead me to Hobby Lobby to shop for this roadtrip. Busy day for me!

Well, as I'm walking into Walgreen's to get my photos developed before bible study, I get that dreaded call from Ogletree - Brett is sick. There goes my busy day. Being a mom always comes first - always! I dropped off the casserole that smelled so delicious (I never got a taste), and I headed for school.

Brett has been home for an hour, complaining of stomach cramps, etc., as if we may be falling victim to the stomach flu. But as he lays up in bed, remote control in hand and cartoons on TV, he lays out his lunch order for me. He would like a pizza hot pocket and a bag of chips for lunch. You can imagine the devastation on his face when I told him, "nope, your stomach hurts...crackers, soup, bananas, and applesauce for you" (although all we actually have in the pantry is soup and applesauce). I'm tempted to make a deal with him....if you are well enough to crave these foods, you can go back to school and eat them!!

Seriously, I know he doesn't feel that great...it started last night. He may have a teeny touch of the bug, but I would think if he was really going to get sick, it would hit him hard, not gradually. So maybe this is all we will get of this.

Missing Drew.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wow, so it's been 2 whole years since I've blogged?? Guess I never got into blogging like I hoped I would. I think I will give it another shot. It will help pass the time, not that I have much spare time to pass, while I sit around and miss my husband who's traveling has picked up lately. I'm so used to having him around the house, the beauty of a home office, while the kids are gone...I always have someone to talk to or grab lunch with. But he's gone for the week, and well, I guess I won't overeat because who wants to go out to lunch alone? I am definitely missing him right now...if he were here, I would have a fire roaring in the fireplace (it's freezing outside) and HE would be getting out in the cold in a few minutes instead of me to take the kids to basketball practice...an event that spans over a 3 hour perioud on Tuesday nights (Brett practices, then we break for an hour - enough time to grab dinner out, then back to the gym for Jared's practice). We'll roll back in around 8:15pm tonight. By that time, I'll be ready to drop from exhaustion, especially since I've been up since 5AM, to workout of course. But oh no, not bed time yet, then it's bath time, brush teeeth, a little more studying, hopefully time for bible study, though we tend to skip Tuesday nights, and of course time to allow Jared to fall asleep in my bed (the best part about Drew leaving town - the boys take turns sleeping with me!!). But they will never fall asleep if I'm in there, so I wait patiently in the den and watch TV while I wait for them to drift off in my bed. Can't wait to snuggle up next to him tonight! Well, it's that time...need to get these warm sweats off and put on something a little more decent to wear in public...you know how it is, gotta dress up just to go to sit in a gym and watch basketball practice!

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